User testimonials

It is a very useful app, it helps me with everything I don't understand and shows me what to do to help me and also I am very busy and don't have much time for calculating things in a normal calculator so I use the camera mode that Is very accurate, it would be better if it could do word problems actually.

Michael Raley

But when I download math app I was able to get the answer to any problem I had. I hate algebra with a burning passion, but this app makes my life so much easier.

Frank Hancock

There are very good step by step instructions, but atleast without paying it's worth it. I wish the makers of this app an amazing life and prosperity and happiness ✨❤💕💖💛 Thank you so much. Actually easy and quick to use.

Eric Ball

Right Triangle Calculator

With just a few steps, finding all three angles in any right triangle is an achievable task!

Finding an Angle in a Right Angled Triangle

Alternative methods such as protractors or calculating with basic geometry are usually not necessary.